Polychor Agile Project Management optimizes processes, efficiency and group dynamics in one holistic model. Polychor® is not just a method to manage change. It is a way of thinking and a new holistic way of managing business operations and change.

It is based on data gathered from a wide variety of methods, techniques and approaches. Some of them have been around for centuries. Polychor® provides guidelines for managing change in organizations of all sizes, in any industry, in different countries and with different operating and control structures. It incorporates the management of change in all levels of the organization, including multi-site and multi country setups and situations.

The evolution of Best Practice in project management, program management, portfolio management, change management, SCRUM, agile project management and other disparate methodologies, has highlighted the need for all of these individual areas to be brought together within one method.

The author of the Polychor® method came to this realization over many years but also realized that instead of a framework, one multi-layered and integrated method covering all of these areas would be far stronger. It was felt that there was a clear need for an in-depth exposition of a method which is grounded in reality and covers the identification of strategically aligned change. From this it develops into positioning the change initiative in a structured way, into the environment best suited to managing it’s design, development, implementation, transition and embedding.

This forms the Foundations and corner stone for what comes next – a unified approach to managing change of varying complexity, in an integrated and holistic way.

The Polychor® method encompasses Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, Product Management and Knowledge Management. Product Management is covered because having a knowledge of this area, helps to manage the transition and embed the change. The Polychor® method can help you to manage change, after you have taken on board the many learning points presented in its pages. The enterprise can accelerate the quest for corporate wide knowledge and embed wisdom to enable competitive advantage. The individual involved in the change journey can gain by using this Polychor® method but will need to exercise judgement to discharge his responsibility.

  • Judgement to define and decide what parts of the Polychor® method present the most advantage in their use.
  • Responsibility to deliver the best solution, service or result in the best way to the enterprise.

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